The Custom Shop


After 15 years in business and many requests, we have begun making

custom audio components for our most discriminating music lovers. Below are some examples of the pieces we have made.


A pair of custom 6550 based monoblocks in tiger maple.

A spectacular system built around custom SE 300B monoblocks and a remote controlled custom linestage with separate "bass" and "main" audio channels for the biamped Avantgarde Trio horns. Note the artist etched and gold plated chassis on all three pieces.

Prices for our custom pieces may range up to several hundred thousand dollars, depending on what you are looking for and your budget. But, we are just as interested in working with people who want something special and are more restricted in what they can afford. We can and have made some truly wonderful pieces in the sub $8k range. If the idea of owning a custom designed and hand made piece of audio equipment interests you, please get in touch with me so we may discuss the possibilities. E-mail me (Fred) at or call me at (814) 360-9904.