Poeta Preamplifier 

The Emotive Audio Poeta Linestage preamplifier offers performance that hints at its lineage. In fact, the Poeta incorporates many features of its relative--the model Sira line stage preamplifier--but with a few changes.

Both the Sira and Poeta audio circuits are based on the superb sounding 5687 twin-triode voltage amplifier tube and the super linear 6186 cathode follower tube. Both the Sira and Poeta use these great sounding audio tubes in extremely simple audio circuits. And, each uses an elaborate support system of voltage regulators and high impedance current sources to create an optimal environment for the operation of the audio tubes.

But, while the Sira is an all vacuum tube design, the Poeta is a hybrid. Where the Sira incorporates vacuum tube-type circuitry for the power supply's voltage regulation and high impedance current sources, the Poeta uses carefully implemented solid state circuitry for these tasks--each meeting the same need in different ways.

Think of it this way: the 5687 twin triode is an excellent voltage amplifier with the potential to amplify the audio signal--your music--with great integrity. But, the unfortunate fact of audio circuits is that the potential of tubes like the 5687 (or any other audio tube) is almost never realized. This is because tubes require specific operating environments--electrically speaking--to reach their potential--operating environments that are difficult to provide.

The reason these environments are so hard to provide is that, often, the values that define them are in direct conflict with each other within conventional audio circuit designs. This is where the Sira and Poeta are unlike more conventional preamplifiers. We've eliminated the conflicting needs within their audio circuits through the use of high impedance current sources in place of both the plate and cathode resistors for the audio tubes. The result is that these tubes can operate in a much more linear manner than in conventional circuits. And, this yields real improvement in audio quality--allowing the music to come through more freely.

At Emotive Audio, the music has always been our inspiration. And, as with all of our products, we make the Poeta to honor the music that will be played through it.

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